Who We ARE


THE WOOLYMAN. Deep down YOU know what it is- because it’s written on your heart. WILD. It’s the reason you draw the bow, the reason you drop the hammer on a flintlock, the reason you follow a blood trail for days. It drives you to wake up at 5am to lift or run, and it beckons you to climb the mountain of the day- whatever it may be. You’re cut from a different cloth- the fierce and fearless kind. You’re always against the grain, always swimming upriver or tracking uphill. You’re relentless in your pursuit to find real LIFE- the adventure is written on your soul. The grit in your eyes and gravel in your belly is no accident- it’s who you are.. a WoolyMan. The true worth of a man is measured in the way he treats his brethren, how he loves his woman, and by his oneness with the Creator. The WoolyMan Brand is a reminder of who you were meant to become, so when you see the name- may it compel you.

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